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I’ve added a new section on the site featuring lots of different styles written for media, film, and TV.  Stop by and give it a look, and send me a message if you’re interested in learning more

Earlier I had a most interesting haircut.  After some wandering, I walked into a unassuming average-looking barber shop, and not knowing what to expect, sat down.  Soon thereafter my barber emerged from the basement of the shop, as if he’d been waiting his whole life to cut my hair.  He gave me a look, that kind of said, I am the shit, don’t talk to me, and be prepared for the best haircut of your life.  A gong went off.
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After receiving so much great feedback, I’ve decided to release one last single, featuring my friend and former student Rebecca Zama on vocals. Rebecca is an incredible singer, who lives in Boston and has Haitian roots. She’s not even through high school and I expect big things for her. If you like what you’ve heard, you’ll love the rest of the album, out next Wednesday! Thanks so much!

Hey now! I really appreciate all my friends’  support and positive feedback on last week’s single “Not Knowing if Our Love” featuring Freedom Bremner on voice.  Gonna keep it rolling with another single this Wednesday.  Thanks everybody!

Hey!  Tomorrow I am releasing my first single, “Not Knowing if our Love”, which features Freedom Bremner on vocals.  The tune is the 2nd track off my upcoming album “Paz en el Mundo”, and will be on the website around 10:30 am.  Hope you enjoy!


I wrote/produced/performed several songs over the past 8 months, and was fortunate to have some talented friends to feature on some of the tracks.   It was a homegrown project and I am very exited to now have it in its finishing stages.  The album crosses a variety of different grooves, but you’ll have to check it out yourself by grabbing a copy.  Singers include Rebecca Zama, a young Boston based female vocalist, Freedom Bremner, head of the group, David Linaburg, who’s currently playing guitar touring with, and my friend Bosq @ who did a bonus track to top it off.  A special thanks to them and everyone else who aided me along the way.  The album will be available soon, check back for details.

bosq ubiquity

Last fall my good friends Sam and Ben, musically known as, stopped by my studio and I played some horns on a few of Ben’s tracks.  I really liked what Ben was working on and was able to add some horn elements to some of his tracks, and those tracks are now part of his LP release under Ubiquity records . You can download it or better yet, get the vinyl.  I am among some fine musicians on these recordings and am really exited to be part of this project.  Check it out and pick up a copy, and thanks to those guys for the opportunity!